Being an Artist

For our first blog content, we wanted to make sure that this was something that meant a lot to us, so lets talk about being artists.  I know, I know.  Working in something like commercial videography or contract graphic design or even wedding photography, you may not think of yourself as an artist.  But you damn well better believe that I sure think you’re one.

When most people think of an artist, they think of the stereotypical “starving artist” who sits at the local Starbucks waiting for that sweet, sweet spark of inspiration to deliver them a masterpiece.  On the flipside, clearly anyone making any semblance of a living is a “sellout” who has forsaken every inkling of their creative passion.

Sure, plenty of us could use a little inspiration and sometimes the long days do involve a little starving but who’s to say we can’t make a career out of that and still be artists?  One of the hardest parts is trying to find a balance between making enough money to be content and just being content with what you do.  The fact of the matter is that most of us won’t get rich making blockbusters or creating the next great symphony but that doesn’t mean we can’t still love what we do.

Driving off to a small job, I’m sure some days it feels like you’re selling out for a paycheque.  You probably took it because it pays well or hell!  Sometimes just because it pays at all!  On days like that take a step back and look at what you’re really doing.  Whether you’re composing a corny jingle for a radio ad or scripting a promo for YouTube, you’re working in an industry where you can put some of yourself into it.

Jam out to that jingle like you’re Frank Sinatra in his prime!  Write that script like it’s the most important piece of literature this side of the 21st century!  The fact that we get to put ourselves into whatever we do is an incredible thing.  Every job is a canvas for us to create a new piece of art.  You certainly want to give yourself the freedom for your passion projects but at the end of the day why can’t they all be passion projects?

Being an artist isn’t always an easy road because if it was then, I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine it being nearly as fun as it is.