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-- Own the run

Myodetox is a physiotherapy team that helps to get the most of people on the road to achieving their athletic goals.
They believe in the work they’re doing and it shows. 

This video for their Own the Run campaign was meant to showcase the team involved in putting together this event and let people know what it’s all about. We didn’t want to have any of them speaking to camera because it felt disingenuous to what they do. They’re out there training just as hard as the clients they’re working with and that was important for us to show.

What better way to do that then get everybody up at the crack of dawn to hit the track. There’s a reason dusk and dawn are referred to as golden hour because the lighting is pristine. The morning is especially magical and we chose an area we knew would have some light fog dissipating on the field.

Having the team out this early also spoke on a narrative level. It showed the dedication they have to their craft and that’s something that translates directly to the people they work with.

We all know the saying: early bird gets the footage.